Online Paid Advertisement


One of the four pillars of creating a web presence and attracting visitors is advertising online. Google Adwords is the market leader in advertising online. Not only can you attract visitors through links in the search results but also through other publisher sites, Youtube, Google shopping and in Apps. Facebook is a close second in the market though for many types of businesses it doesn’t stop there. Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin are all popular social media sites with search capabilities for your business to stand out and attract visitors. 

At Webbees we will discuss an action plan and implement, monitor improve and report closely with the client. 

For new clients we have a minimum setup charge regardless of their monthly spending. We feel it is crucial to understand your business model, connect all the reporting and analytics tools and set up your Advert campaign correctly. The cost per client is £199 however this is reduced to £100 if you combine it with one of our SEO packages.

Plan A

Plan A Monthly Retainer

Campaign monitored
Basic Monthly report
Campaign Recommendations
Discuss Targets

£29.00 (plus SEO plan – recommended)
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Plan B

Plan B Percentage

Campaign Monitored
Basic Monthly Report
Campaign Recommendations Implemented
Discuss Targets and set Goals

£59.00 + 5% – 15% of budget (plus SEO plan – recommended)
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Plan C

Plan C New Campaign Type

Adwords Campaign set-up
Or Social Media Ad campaign
Optimised for 2 months
Continued support as per Plan A or B

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Do you understand my business?

A lot of the prep work and meetings is about understanding your business. We will ask you all the neccesary question to make sure your campaign works for you and give your the optimised Return On Investment

I already have an account, do you need to create a new one?

  • We can be added to your Adwords account so that you keep full control over the users.
  • We will always want to restructure your campaigns to optimise your account

Are you qualified set-up Adwords?

We are Google Partners and work together with an account manager within Google. The examination we need to pass is strictly controlled by Google to make sure all partners work on a high level of quality

What other forms of online advertisement do you offer?

Adwords and Bing are the main online search engines. We also set up Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Linked In.