I started my IT career in Stratford College back in 2001 and have since gained a Computer Science Degree. I always have a clear vision with the user experience in mind. My passion is everything to do with graphic design- I like to add a modern, stylish and professional feel to new projects.  



Open Source website design is where I specialise myself in. I like to keep up to date with the latest tech and gadget developments. With an education in art and business, I bring a wide range of experiences to the team of Webbees. My strengths come a from a strong background of  e-commerce and SEO. 

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We are working closely with professional photographers, vloggers, bloggers, illustrators, content writers and freelance web designers. We can recommend you the right person for a specific job or work as part of a team. If you feel you could strengthen our creative portfolio, then please get in touch!

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